Are Luxury Cars Safer? An Expert's Perspective

Luxury cars have long been renowned for their superior safety ratings, as they are designed to reduce the risk of collisions and come with advanced safety and driver assistance systems. Most of the time, luxury vehicles have a higher safety rating than other cars. Ratings can vary from Poor to Good, or from basic to superior. It is important to note that when comparing small front overlap, moderate overlap front, and headrest ratings, they should only be compared between vehicles of similar weight.

On the other hand, sides, roof strength, front crash avoidance, headlights and LATCH ratings can be compared across vehicle categories. Both organizations have the full support of auto insurers and insurance associations. This is because luxury cars are often considered high-risk vehicles and are not covered by most standard insurance policies. However, real-world accident statistics show that many luxury cars are some of the safest on the market.

The cabin of a luxury car is usually packed with all the accessories and technology one could expect from a modern vehicle. The chassis configuration of these cars gives them a good driving and handling feel, although other dynamic aspects may be disappointing. Standard safety equipment in luxury cars includes the AcuraWatch suite of driver assistance and active safety technology, which includes front automatic emergency braking, traffic signal detection, lane keeping assistance and adaptive cruise control, among other features. This gives the car a great balance between luxury and sportiness, but engine options may leave much to be desired.

Luxury cars are also well-equipped with advanced safety systems that alert drivers to an accident before it happens. What happens when your luxury car has an accident? Will your regular insurance policy cover damages? The answer is usually no; most standard insurance policies do not cover high-risk vehicles such as luxury cars. What makes cars safer are the tests and simulations that manufacturers do YEARS before the car hits the production line; these are not seen by the public as they are part of the development process. Some luxury cars come with a lane departure function that alerts you if your vehicle seems to be drifting into another lane.

Other features include automatic brake systems that brake for you when they sense an impending crash. In addition to additional safety features, luxury cars are made of higher quality materials, which means they are less likely to break or shatter during an accident. When looking for a safe car, don't rule out non-luxury models; even if they don't have all the features of a luxury car, they may still be safe and reliable vehicles. With the G70 and its other vehicles, Genesis creates excellent alternatives to the offerings of other luxury car manufacturers.

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