Does the Car You Drive Reflect Your Personality?

The car you drive can be a reflection of your personality. From the make and model to the interior condition, your car can tell a lot about your attitude, practicality, and approach to life. According to psychologist Nicole Cutts at Business2Community, if your car is filled with debris such as junk mail, food wrappers, soda cans, old socks, and other messes, it could be a physical manifestation of your mental state. It could be an indication that you are scattered, too busy, lazy, or don't care about health and cleanliness.

We wanted to know what motivates people when it comes to car selection, so we conducted psychological tests, surveys, and consumption patterns. The results showed that the choice of vehicle is a direct reflection of one's personality. To find out what the purchase revealed about the driver's personality, we analyzed cars of all shapes, models, and colors. Our research showed that the car was a way of expressing one's personality.

Surprisingly enough, the car you drive can say a lot about your personality. The brand, model, and color you choose can highlight some of your key traits such as attitude, lifestyle, and perceptions. A study by UC Davis found that sedan drivers don't have “a different travel attitude”. This doesn't mean they are boring people but rather that they tend to be more sensible and entrepreneurial in their disposition.

Sedan drivers were found to be more likely to be women or those with a relatively high income or both. On the other hand, those who drive luxury cars are considered workaholics for profit or “achievers” according to psychology. There are practically as many car scents as there are drivers and the one you choose to fill your car can say something about your personality. FriendyCar is the first car exchange service in the Middle East that gives you the opportunity to drive every type of car you can think of.

It's a simple, safe, and rewarding experience for car owners and a fast, interactive, and affordable experience for car borrowers. A white car emits elegance and perfection and drivers of white cars have a modern and fresh look. Now that you know what your car says about your personality, discover the most popular car colors in Canada. Most men love cars but what separates fans from those who love their cars because of comfort is the type of car they drive.

At a Detroit car show earlier this year, Ford's chief color and material designer Susan Lampinen noted that car color preferences are quite similar in different countries. If you have the perfect car for your personality make sure you have the perfect car insurance for you too. Studies have shown that red cars and sports cars are the most likely to be stopped by police and targeted by thieves so by owning one you say it's worth the risk of losing your investment to fines or theft. According to a study by researchers at UC Davis people who like to drive small cars are often environmentally conscious and prefer higher-density neighborhoods compared to drivers of other types of cars. Like luxury car owners they enjoy traveling long distances and are definitely not the “lonely” type of people. If you're thinking about buying an electric vehicle make sure you've researched electric car insurance to make sure you get the best deal on your car insurance. Experts who conducted research at UC Davis on personality types who buy cars determined that drivers of small cars care more about the environment than other road users and prefer high-density neighborhoods.

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