What is the Most Reliable Used Luxury Car?

The S90 from Volvo is one of the most luxurious sedans available at any price. Its Scandinavian design, combined with the large and intuitive infotainment display, soft tones of wood and leather, and the T6 version's 316 horsepower turbocharged and supercharged engine, make it a great car for the money. Buying CPO makes a lot of sense due to the expensive technology on board. Cadillac sedans have become some of the best-handling luxury cars in their class, thanks to their engineers comparing the driving dynamics of BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars.

The CTS sedan is one of the best the company has ever made and it's a pleasure to race on a winding road. It offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but those with very long legs may find the rear seat tight. The Audi A3 offers a great experience in a small, tidy package. It's fast and responsive with dual-clutch transmission, smooth riding, and balanced on back roads.

The only downside is its tiny size. The MKZ may no longer be in production, but it's a pleasure to drive with sophistication, comfort and peace of mind. It has an average excellent mileage in the mid-30s and V6 power for performance enthusiasts. The Audi A4 ranks very high on our shopping list due to its all-round excellence.

It's arguably the most attractive sedan in its class, offering a combination of driving and handling that few can match, perfect comfort in bumpy city streets, and a very comfortable rear seat. The Lexus GS 350 isn't the most modern or exciting car on this list, but it's an excellent sedan built with proven parts and a level of care that ensures it won't be constantly in the shop for service. It offers a rich interior with soft materials and an overall feel of quality at a cheaper price than its rivals. We determine the best luxury cars based on reliability to help you decide which premium vehicles are worth the extra cost.

Lexus remains the most trusted luxury brand overall, with the Q50 achieving high marks for its sports sedan handling, fast acceleration and refined, luxurious interior. The Lincoln Navigator is a full-size luxury SUV that shares the same platform as the Ford Expedition, although it is more luxurious.

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