What is the most reliable used luxury car?

The S90 is easily one of the nicest sedans available at any price. And when it comes to the Scandinavian design inside, the Volvo surprises again. The large and intuitive infotainment display combined with the soft tones of wood and leather make the Volvo feel warmer than its German rivals. The T6 version of the car has 316 horsepower thanks to turbocharging and supercharging.

And what those combined technologies provide is seamless thrust. Volvo was one of the first pioneers of driver assistance systems, and the S90 will gladly take the helm of a boring stop-and-go journey. The S90 is a great car for the money, and since there's a lot of expensive technology on board, buying CPO makes a lot of sense. See Volvo S90 models for sale near you Cadillac sedans have become some of the best-handling luxury cars in their class.

And that comes from their engineers relentlessly comparing the driving dynamics of BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars. The CTS sedan is one of the best the company has ever made and it's a pleasure to race on a winding road. The downside is an attraction that is a little less luxurious than some competitors. Unless you absolutely need V6 power, use a 268-horsepower 4-cylinder turbo.

It's pretty fast and saves a few dollars. The CTS is reasonably spacious, but those with very long legs may find the rear seat tight. The infotainment system offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and that helps this old CTS feel up to date. See Cadillac CTS models for sale near you The Audi A3 offers a great experience in a small, tidy package.

Audi is known for its all-wheel drive, so it makes sense to look for a model with that option. It also provides more power, also close to 230 horsepower. And that's enough for most drivers. Performance enthusiasts will be attracted to the S3 model, but that machine requires a little more money.

Dual-clutch transmission helps each A3 feel fast and responsive. The A3 is a smooth rider who is also quite balanced on back roads. The only real drawback is its tiny size. But if rear seat legroom isn't a priority, the A3 is a small, solid luxury sedan.

See Audi A3 models for sale near you The MKZ may no longer be in production, but that shouldn't stop you from looking for a clean CPO model. This Lincoln is based on the bones of the Ford Fusion, but you'd never know because the MKZ drives with sophistication, comfort and peace of mind. In other words, it's a real Lincoln. The turbocharged 4-cylinder base provides plenty of power, but those who really value high fuel economy should go for the hybrid.

That model has an average excellent mileage in the mid-30s. Those who want a sportier ride will appreciate the 400 horsepower all-wheel drive V6 model. Inconvenient? Some homeowners find the infotainment system demanding. See Lincoln MKZ models for sale near you There are many luxury cars in this price class, but the Audi A4 ranks very high on our shopping list.

And that's because he's very good at everything. Arguably the most attractive sedan in its class, offering a combination of driving and handling that few can match. This is a true sedan that can connect curves with talent and yet offer perfect comfort in the bumpy city streets. And for those who need to transport people, the A4 has a very comfortable rear seat.

Look for models that offer Tech or Navigation and Telematics packages (depending on model year) for the best interior items, such as Audi's sweet Virtual Cockpit gauge panel. See Audi A4 models for sale near you The Lexus GS 350 isn't the most modern or exciting car on this list, but it's an excellent sedan. And it's one that's built with proven parts and a level of care that ensures it won't be a car that's constantly in the shop for service. For that reason, we would be comfortable driving one with slightly higher mileage and will use that savings in the purchase price to buy a model with higher trim levels, such as the F Sport model.

The Lexus may be one of the oldest cars in its mid-size luxury class, but this sedan offers a rich interior with soft materials and an overall feel of quality. And this Lexus is a used car with excellent value for money, with a cheaper price than its rivals. See Lexus GS models for sale near you. We determine the best luxury cars based on reliability to help you decide which premium vehicles are worth the extra cost.

Because these vehicles are often rented, we also looked at the average price of 3-year luxury vehicles for buyers who want a luxury car without paying the expensive prices of new luxury cars. Loyalty Inspiring Cars Owners Keep for 15 Years or More Top 10 Reasons to Buy Used Instead of New What are the Most Reliable Used SUVs for 10k or Less?. Power's list of the least trusted car brands along with other luxury brands like Land Rover and Alfa Romeo. Buying a reliable used luxury car can be a good compromise: you save money on upfront costs and avoid that initial drop in value.

As a Toyota luxury brand, Lexus has a reputation as the most trusted brand among luxury car manufacturers. However, if you're looking for a reliable pre-owned luxury car that's committed to staying, the Q50 is a good choice. Most importantly, this is a car that achieves high marks for its sports sedan handling, fast acceleration and refined, luxurious interior. While Consumer Reports chose the Acura TLX and Infiniti Q50 as two reliable used luxury cars, Lexus remains the most trusted luxury brand overall.

The Lincoln Navigator is a full-size luxury SUV that shares the same platform as the Ford Expedition, although it is more luxurious. . .

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