What is the nicest luxury car in the world?

The 10 best luxury cars in the worldRolls-Royce Phantom. Range Rover SVAutobiography — Luxury Cars. However, the precision feel and perfect weight of the car's large-rim steering wheel are remarkable, as is the ease with which it can place such a large car on the road; the tolerance it has for any pace of progress that suits its ride; the supreme refinement and flexibility of its V12 engine; and progressivity of your accelerator pedal in step. Even though it's a nearly three-ton love song for splendid isolation, this car will accelerate from 0 to 100 mph and 30 to 70 mph through gears faster than the latest Ford Focus RS.

The integrity of their engineering is simply impressive. Of course, there is the same 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 business card, which generates 626 bhp more bottomless torque and shoots the car at 100 km/h in comfortably less than four seconds and at a top speed of more than 200 mph. Also offered are versions of the Spur equipped with Bentley's lighter, freestyle V8 and a six-cylinder Flying Sur hybrid powertrain. The richest and most special car in what could be the most respected and admired limousine range in the world, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is the modern standard-bearer of Daimler's Maybach super-luxury brand.

Judging by appearances, one would say it was at least as much S-Class as Maybach, and that is the result of Daimler's strategic decision, taken a few years ago, to expand the reach of the Maybach brand by creating 'halo' Maybach models in some of its most normal ranges of Mercedes passenger cars. The ultra-rare 57 and 62 limousines, with Simon Cowell specifications, Maybach alone, were consigned to history at the same time. The 603 bhp twin-turbocharged petrol V12 of the flagship model S650 (although the UK will also receive the 4.0-liter 496 bhp V8 S580) is barely heard, and its dedication to comfort and good manners is exceptional. With 18 cm longer than even the long wheelbase version of the standard S-Class, you can ensure that even passengers with the longest legs will have enough space.

Height-adjustable air suspension and BMW-derived four-wheel drive give the Cullinan all the off-road capacity that many owners are likely to need, and while towing capacity is currently limited to 2.6 tons, it is expected to increase to 3.5 tons more abundant in a short time. Which is probably enough for a speedboat considerably more expensive than the car. It's not as comfortable to drive or isolate as the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, but rather it offers a slightly sportier driving experience that comes at the expense of that ultimate shadow of driving comfort. But the shadow is all that the Bentayga gives up: an occasional suggestion of a head throw and the slightest nervousness about certain bumps and blows at high speed.

Even as a regular luxury car, there's a good chance you just don't know what you're missing. This car has environmentally friendly olive tanned leather, lightweight electrically excited motors that don't need heavy magnets, and the metals in its drive battery come responsibly from North Africa and Australia. It is available in several versions, whose intermediate version iX xDrive50 has more than 500 horsepower, four-wheel drive and an announced range of more than 300 miles. And then there's the main “M60” version with its 600 electric horsepower to draw on.

The high-end, long-wheelbase Range Rover has come a long way as a luxury car since the genesis days of the famous SUV on which it is based. The modern SVAutobiography, hand-finished like Land Rover does at its special operations base near Coventry, is a car that now measures 5.2 meters in length and 2.6 tons in weight at its heaviest point. It was conceived to take full advantage of the embryonic market for superexpensive SUVs and the high esteem that some hold for the Range Rover brand, and it does so quite effectively. As always with Alpina, there are two sides: its version of a mass-produced BMW model.

On paper, the 600 bhp and 590 lb ft figures of the 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 suggest that the B7 works as a total alternative to the M7 that BMW will not build. And in terms of performance, perhaps this is the case: the B7 benefits from considerable modifications to both its powertrain and suspension so that it is not only faster than any other 7 Series, but also better handling. That it is a luxury car first and 4x4 second is not to exhaust its offroad capacity one iota, however. The spacious interior radiates quality and luxury, the seats are excellent, and the driving position is top notch, making it easy to drive a car of its size.

The heavy body provides excellent insulation from rough surfaces and, while it doesn't offer the driving compromise of a Porsche Cayenne, it's easy to make quick progress pleasant if the need arises; because almost any pace of progress feels special in a Range Rover. The S-Class remains one of the most comfortable, enveloping and elegant cars in the world. But its new in-car technologies, while numerous and impressive in some respects (including an infotainment screen large enough to fit in the cabin of an A380), are not all easy to operate; not all of them integrate seamlessly into the driving experience of the car; and some of them seem to be affectations rather than improvements. While Mercedes-Maybach's more expensive S-Class customers can choose between V8 and V12 power plants, the regular limousine can be used as a -350d or -400d diesel, or as a -500 gasoline; the latter also receives mild hybrid assistance.

Diesel engines are pleasantly frugal and smooth in the real world, and the S400d has all the performance a car of this type would need in any case; but the S500 offers an even faster (and yet adequate, quiet and smooth) option of 400 bhp+ if desired. The modern luxury of the Audi brand also comes with state-of-the-art on-board technology, of course, while the public fast charging potential of 150 kW, combined with a daily range of between 200 and 250 miles on a charge, also makes the e-Tron a more usable electric car than some of its class. Right now, there is no more luxurious electric car in the world than this. The latest Audi A8 features some of the most advanced chassis, powertrain and automotive technology in the luxury class, including, when finally turned on, what promises to be the highest autonomous driving capability of any production car in the world.

The car represents Audi doing the classic “vorsprung durch technik” in a properly committed way. The A8's quality interior looks like it was built to survive civilization itself, though it lacks the sense of occasion of the class-leading Range Rover. The ride is smooth and the car is easy to drive, though it's not as padded and luxurious as its key German rival, and it's not quite the same as Mercedes in the ways that matter most. Save money with new Audi A8 offers from What Car? Whether Mercedes invented the modern hybrid vehicle body style that, for a time, received the amusing nickname “coupon” (a four-door saloon crossover with a more conical silhouette and a sloping roof line similar to a coupe) or whether it was Maserati with the fifth-generation Quattroporte is a matter of discussion.

Either way, it's fair to remember that the original 2004 Mercedes CLS was one of the creators of what still seems like a fairly new type of vehicle; moreover, that type of vehicle has become an important part of the modern luxury car landscape; and that Mercedes has probably done more than any other car manufacturer to popularize it. Now, in its third generation of models, the CLS has always proven to be significantly better than most of the 2+2 in terms of practicality, reaching a high point with the Shooting Brake version, a favorite derivative of CLS in Autocar Towers that, unfortunately, Mercedes decided it would stop being manufactured with the current third generation. version of the car. The engine range includes turbocharged four-cylinder and six-cylinder petrol and a pair of six-cylinder turbo diesel engines, with the CLS 53 high-performance four-wheel drive hybrid that has replaced the old CLS 63 with a V8 engine in the top of the stack, and brings an attractive different flavor to the AMG armory.

The chassis juggles between involvement and insulation, although versions with larger tires equipped with anti-puncture tires can suffer from dubious tread refinement and are certainly worth testing before buying. Save money with new Mercedes CLS offers from What Car? Since its launch in 1977, the 7 Series has been in the shadow of the Mercedes S-Class, but this latest version is BMW's most committed attempt to fully break through the luxury salon market. The car combines optional adaptive air suspension with pioneering infotainment and comfort features, and offers the choice between two wheelbase lengths and rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The inner molding evokes a sense of space, integrity and ease of use, although the fascia is perhaps a little too similar to that of smaller BMW sedans and lacks luxurious material.

The engines are quiet, powerful and efficient, the range opens with the well-known six-cylinder turbodiesel option, but also with the most Bik-Tax-compatible plug-in hybrid option in the limousine class in the form of the 745e, and culminates with one of the few remaining twelve-cylinder limousines options on the M760Li; and both are impressive engineering works. The handling is more balanced and precise than that of the rivals, although the driving is not as isolated. Save Money with New What Car? Series 7 Deals Don't think of this as an expanded BMW X5, says Munich, but rather as an elevated 7-Series that has been prepared for limited off-road work. That description doesn't explain much of the fact that the X7 is a seven-seat, two-box passenger car with an extended roof line, of course, but it does inform you of the priorities that BMW designers and engineers had when refining and tuning the car.

The car comes with the option of one turbo diesel (the 40d) and two turbo petrol engines (the entry-level 40i and the higher-end M50i) in the UK. The 'M50d' version of the car used to deliver a full 394 bhp and more than 500 lb ft of torque, but it has since been reduced, while the 'M50i' V8 petrol winds the performance dial to 523 bhp. On the road, the X7 handles its size and volume well, making it surprisingly precise and athletic when cornering. Even the car's diesel engine is smooth and refined, and develops enough torque to move the car with ease, while its driving is comfortable without losing control.

The car handles its mass better than the big rivals of luxury SUVs, and feels more intuitive to drive. A slightly normal cabin, light touches of special materials and differentiation from smaller BMW SUVs, and that controversial front style are the car's biggest disappointments. With that oversized grille, some would call the X7 ugly, but few would deny its competence or its integrity as a luxury car. Save Money on New X7 Deals from What Car? Many modern car enthusiasts have opposed the preference of modern luxury car buyers for the SUV, but when driving a car like the Audi Q8, it's easy to appreciate why they like it so much.

This designer version of a Q7 has more visual presence and curbside appeal than its weaker, boxy relationship, but the same attractive interior, with a bright, rich and solid feel. Comfort and refinement are top notch. The driving experience is light and filtered, with stable and safe handling that is delivered like in a less advanced family car with four-wheel drive. And the car's engine range is wide.

You can have six cylinders of petrol or diesel; you can choose between two emission-saving plug-in gasoline hybrid engines, one with up to 457 bhp; and then there are the SQ8 and RS Q8 performance models, which allow you to mix as much urgency into the Q8 driving experience as anyone could want. SUV or not, the Q8 is without a doubt one of the best luxury vehicles that Audi makes right now. Save money with new Audi Q8 offers from What Car? Dynamically, the LS is less convincing as a luxury item. The 3.5-liter hybrid V6 has to work hard to cope with the car's 2420 kg weight, and although the car's handling is quite impressive, its noisy and slightly abrupt ride in flat shoes is quite the opposite.

Against the latest S-Class, Series 7 and A8, the LS is an interesting alternative, but it is not yet the most credible of its rivals. Save Money with New Lexus LS Deals from What Car? Maserati offers V6 and V8 petrol engines for the car, the latter is available with up to 572 bhp if desired. But even with him, the Quattroporte no longer has much of a sporting soul. It has become a car to laze around gently, and probably be driven rather than driving yourself, with skewed right-hand drive control ergonomics that ruins the impression of quality the car conveys a little.

We put on our sensible hats to bring you the 10 best luxury cars out there. And yet, in terms of interior space, luxury ambience and transparent material quality, the car sits only on the smaller rungs below its big brother, adopting as it does Rolls-Royce's new “post-opulence” design approach both inside and out. However, while the Phantom is largely a car to drive, the Ghost was conceived as a car for the wealthy driver, and its dynamic character reflects that. Never before has the Spur felt so complete and so capable of playing the role of a luxury supersonic car for drivers.

Maserati has never opted for the built-in quality or digital technological appeal of the power of the German luxury car, and it's no surprise to find a bit of a gulf between the apparent sophistication of the Quattroporte's interior and that of some of its opponents. The car has had a major style overhaul, and the interior feels modern and luxurious in an unconventional way. An unexpectedly attractive driver's car, then, even if it lags behind its best rivals in ways more fundamental to the mission and identity of the luxury car. It is now a car to stretch out in the rear; but the influence that its size has on the way you drive the car makes it a different perspective than its predecessors used to be.

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